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My current WIP is a children’s fantasy/adventure novel that features my children as the main characters. Since beginning to write this story, I’ve had so many wonderful ideas that one book won’t be able to contain them all. It will take two maybe three books to complete. Below is a tentative synopsis of the first book.



Jared thinks he is just an ordinary kid with an ordinary irritating older brother living life as best he can until he meets Posie. This wizened old woman introduces him to real magic and the staggering knowledge that there are hundreds of worlds in the Universe just like Earth and it’s possible to visit them using Gateway magic. Jared, along with his older brother Joseph, is recruited to help Posie on a quest to rid the Universe of Zeemon, an evil man who has very powerful magical abilities and uses them to destroy worlds. Jared is endowed with Gateway magic to help Posie recruit several other children from other worlds who will also help in their quest using their own individual magic powers. Zeemon and his henchmen find out what Posie and Jared are up to and try to stop them, chasing them from world to world until the last child needed is revealed…as one of Zeemon’s slaves. The children find out if they’ve learned to master their magic and work together as a team as they try to rescue the last child from the clutch of Zeemon himself and hopefully put an end to his evil reign.


A fun and exciting adventure tale that will hopefully keep you intrigued to the very end…and beyond. Full of the humorous and insulting banter that pervades children’s interactions, you’re sure to get a chuckle and maybe even a good belly laugh along the way.


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