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Pardon me while I bitch…

I’m sorry. I don’t usually give in to this sort of behaviour, and I hate it when other people do it, but I just have to vent. There has been so much irritating stuff happening lately that I just can’t hold it all in.

Yes, I do wonder if it’s really just me that’s irritable…LOL. Possibly. I DO believe I AM premenopausal. Either way, the result is the same. I need to VENT.

So….where to start?

How about the lady customer at work the other day? She comes up to the counter, Christina helps her (for about a half hour, mind you) and she finally gets her cake ordered. Fast forward. I make the cake yesterday. It’s a 1/4 sheet cake, shaped into a “21”. It’s pink, purple and yellow, with balloons on it at well. It was hideous. It’s what the order form said she wanted though. She comes to get the cake. She doesn’t like it. It “wasn’t what I expected it to look like”. I asked her what she thought it was supposed to look like. She says, “I don’t know, it’s just not what I pictured.” At this point, I really wanted to tell the bitch…ummm….lady….that I was not a freaking mind reader. I refrained. She didn’t take the cake.

Next (and these are not in any sort of chronological order), we are out of dish soap in the bakery. We get our supplies every Thursday. It was Saturday and we were out of soap. Someone should have put that on the order list. What really pissed me off about this was that just a couple of weeks ago (if that long) we ran out of soap. I would think that if you ran out of something, you’d make sure you didn’t do that again. Wrong. Mallory (our assistant) has been doing the ordering. I think I pissed her off yesterday when I said, “I don’t know who ordered supplies last time but we are out of soap, AGAIN.” She replies, “well, you should say something Tuesday when the order goes in.” I reply to her, “I wasn’t here Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday”. I would have liked to tell her that it’s not my job to make sure she does her job. She’s got an order guide. All she has to do is go down the list and check each item to make sure we have enough to last the week. How hard is that? I kept my mouth shut though. That would have been a little TOO harsh. I’m really not a mean person.


This involves my friend/coworker Tamara. She’s a sweet girl, 22, who has a wonderful personality…funny, vivacious, giving, somewhat extroverted. She’s very pretty too, if somewhat on the chunky side. Unfortunately, she has terrible luck with boyfriends/husbands. She’s been married once and has been divorced about a year now. He cheated on her. Her last boyfriend was an asshole and ended up hitting her before she broke it off with him. She’s now with another loser. No, he doesn’t hit her or even talk to her bad. He doesn’t have a job though and lives with his Mother. He’s 33 and has a 12 year old son. Tamara is crazy about him, but she’s already mentioned things about him never wanting to have sex….always being tired (don’t know why, he doesn’t work)….not wanting to go anywhere with her without taking his son. These are just a few of the “problems”. It’s very frustrating to see her making allowances for him and doing all the compromising. She buys his cigarettes, makes dr. appointments for his kid, takes his sorry ass out looking for work (he doesn’t have a car), and has probably spent a lot of her income tax refund on him. Every time she calls him he seems to have been asleep, no matter what time of day.


I told her she needs to lose this dude. I told her I was telling her this because I cared about her too. She deserves much better. She’s a wonderful girl and she’s being wasted on someone that doesn’t appreciate her. She’s working and going to school and she’s going to go places in her life. She doesn’t need that guy hanging around her neck, dragging her down.

Whew! It feels better getting that out. Maybe now it won’t bother me so much.



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