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incredibly dumb

That’s what my friend Phil called me. Incredibly dumb.


Because I didn’t see something the same way he saw it. To be fair, I’m sure I don’t see it the way most people would see it. Still, it hurt my feelings. He didn’t even ask why I felt the way I felt about the subject. Just thought I was being incredibly dumb.

I know, you’re wondering what the subject was, aren’t you?

We were talking about a man who got a face transplant.

Phil told me about watching a news segment on a man who had gotten electrocuted and had his face pretty much “melt”. He had no eyes and no nose. I didn’t see a picture of him…but Phil said he resembled something out of a horror movie. Very sad. Anway, the man received a face transplant and looked much better for it.

So where did the disagreement come in?

Well, I personally didn’t see the necessity of it.

Wait…hear me out. Don’t go calling me incredibly dumb just yet.

First, the man was blind. He couldn’t see how he looked. Yes, he could feel his face and know that things weren’t “normal”…but he couldn’t look in the mirror and be horrified by what he saw. Also, he couldn’t see the reactions of people around him…couldn’t see people staring or gawking…which could make him uncomfortable. Yes, I’m sure he realized that they were…but he wouldn’t see it.

So…why worry about strangers who may or may not be staring at you? Surely you have to agree with me on that point. What does it matter what strangers think?


So…that leaves friends and family. Yes, he was married and had a child. Yes, I’m sure it was difficult for them to adjust. But they love him right? Do they only love him because of how he looks? I don’t think so. If his wife married him simply for his looks then that’s another problem altogether. If she truly loved him, wouldn’t she love him no matter what he looked like? Love him for who he is…not how handsome he is?

I’m sorry, but I really have a problem with society nowadays and it’s obsession with appearance. When did the outside become more important than the inside? And why? Shouldn’t that be one of the last qualities we judge in a person? Shouldn’t a person’s attitude…wisdom…kindness…creativity…generosity…intellect…be more important?

Sometimes I think our eyes are just as much of a hindrance as a help.

And I really don’t care who thinks I’m incredibly stupid for my opinion on the subject.

Ciao for now


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