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Yeah, I gots it. Pathetically apathetic. That’s me.

I would hate for you to see my house right now. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to clean. I do the laundry becuase I have to have clean clothes to wear to work. At least I’m still going to work.

Maybe it’s the heat. It’s been really hot here lately. Makes it hard to do anything. I haven’t been writing either. I have been drawing, but that’s about all I’ve been able to make myself do. Life hasn’t been very exciting or comforting to me lately. I know, it’s all a matter of perspective. My perspective has been kinda sucky lately. Maybe it’s hormonal. I’m pretty sure I’m pre-menopausal. Might have something to do with getting my hours cut at work too. 32 hours this week. Sucks. I can’t really bitch too much though, everyone else is getting theirs cut too. Oh yeah, I really don’t like the new decorator, Billie. She’s a pain in the ass. I have given up on trying to be nice to her. Fuck that (excuse my language).

I think I’m turning into Walter (one of Jeff Dunham’s alter egos). I just can’t seem to be bothered with┬átolerating certain people anymore. I hate to say it, but some of them are family…LOL. Life is just to short to waste time on people that piss you off though. Why even try to be nice or include them in your life if they are only going to bring you grief?

Yeah, I’m on a roll this evening. Sorry, I just feel like venting and this is as good a place as any. It doesn’t help that it’s late and I’m tired and my right ankle hurts because I’ve been favoring my left knee that hurts.

Why yes, I would love some cheese to go with my whine…LOL.

Ok, I’ll give it a break for now. Ciao!


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