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My Positivity Page

Ok, so I’m not really sure that “positivity” is actually a word…LOL…but I’m using it anyway.

This is my page of positive thinking. A wish list of sorts. This is where I plan on listing things that I want to remember to keep in my thoughts and think positive about. I do believe in the power of positive thinking. This is a page mainly for myself, but if you come across it, I would appreciate it if you sent  a postive thought out to the things/people on this list.

* My friend Martin. He’s facing some challenges at work. I hope everything goes smoothly for him.

* My old school buddy, Carla. She’s had a hard life and has serious medical issues. I wish her happiness and contentment despite all of life’s obstacles.

*My writing. So far so good. It’s really slow going but they say slow and steady wins the race. I shall endeavor to remain positive about finishing my book by the end of the year.

* My friend and co-worker Christina. She has several family members who have serious health issues.

*My friend and co-worker Teresa. She is getting ready to have surgery on her leg to fix an injury from falling at home. The hospital didn’t set it right and it has not healed the way it should. She would have already had the surgery except she fell at work and injured her elbow and shoulder, so they won’t do the leg surgery until she’s healed from this injury.

* My Brother. He’s doing very well with his diet since he found out he had diabetes, but a little more positivity sent his way wouldn’t be a bad thing.

* My Mom. I love her and don’t know what I’d do without her. It’s hard to believe she’s 70. I hope I have many more years with her and she continues to be in good health and stays active.

*Joseph. He recently went to a kids “revival” of sorts and got inspired and decided to turn his life over to God. He’s been having some trouble with depression and now he’s on an emotional high after this weekend. He says he hopes it lasts. I hope it does too.

*Joseph’s friend, Hannah. I haven’t met this girl but Joseph says she’s his best friend. She’s the one that invited him to the kids revival. I’m very thankful that she’s such a good friend to Joseph. I wish good things for her.

* My boss, Donna. (Think POSITIVE)


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