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Hmmm…I am quite puzzled by my stats. I signed on to my blog today and checked the stats only to find out that my last post “Phil” had 23 hits! What’s up with that? Not that I’m complaining, just wonder what caused it. I mean…it’s a nice name but why would it cause so much interest? Oh well, another of life’s mysteries. It does feel a little strange knowing that people are reading what I write though. I thought the only one who read this was me…LOL.

Ok, on with the show.

Today was a busy day for me. My Mom has had a stiff neck the last couple of days and she had me take her to Urgent Care today. It was a long day of running around. Yesterday she had me taking her around as well, since she didn’t feel she could drive very well. I hope she doesn’t need to go anywhere tomorrow. I would like a day off for myself. I know, I’m a selfish little bitch…LOL.

::::Writing News::::

I’ve actually been working on my story again. I’ve been doing pretty good on my prologue. I made one…decided I had a better idea….and did an outline for another one. I’ve got about 1000 words of actual writing done for it. I think it’s going to be good. I hope to have it done by the time the next writing meeting rolls around. Just gotta get my ass in gear and do it.

And stop thinking about Phil!

Easier said than done…LOL.

Ciao for now.


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Well, I had a pretty good Christmas. The boys were with me on Christmas eve and with their Dad on Christmas day. I had Christmas dinner with my family at my Sister’s. I ate too much, as usual, and got some wonderful gifts…fuzzy socks, candles and a shirt. I’m glad it’s all over now…LOL.

I was supposed to have some company this evening, but unfortunately, New York is snowed in and Steve’s flight was cancelled. Sucks. If it hadn’t been cancelled, I sure wouldn’t be sitting here writing this…LOL. He’s going to try to change it to Tuesday. I’ll have to work Wednesday, but I guess a little visit is better than no visit. We’ll see what the weather allows.

I would like to announce that I have my pen pal, Phil, back. I’m so excited. I missed him. Things didn’t work out with his psycho girlfriend so now he can talk to whoever he wants…LOL. I’m glad we’re talking again. It’s not the same as it was before, but I think that’s probably a good thing. I was a bit “in awe” of him before. He’s so smart and nice and generous. Oh, and cute…can’t forget that. But now I see him as “human”. I feel more comfortable with that. I still think the world of him though. I hope we continue to get closer and remain friends forever…despite whatever psycho girlfriends he gets hooked up with…LOL.

On a personal note, I feel like I’ve been thrown back in the yahtzee cup and shaken around a bit. I’m still waiting to see where I get thrown and how the rest of the dice will fall. I hope that anyone who reads this takes a second or two to think a positive thought for me.

The writing has been going good. Not as well as I had hoped this last month, but still pretty good. I did not get the first draft done, but I don’t think it will be long into the new year before it’s finished. I had a wonderful breakthrough at lunch today. I now know what my prologue is going to be about. I wanted something to shock the reader and let them know just how bad my bad guy is. I think I have a way to do it. I’ve just written down the idea so far. I have to flesh it out a bit and then write it. It’s more than what I had yesterday though…LOL.

Well, I’m beat and I want to finish watching G.I. Joe before heading to bed. Yeah, I’ve seen it before, but I love the special effects. I have another video I could be watching, a little something my friend Rick (from work) made himself. Yeah, you guessed it..homemade porn…LOL. I’ve had the tape for a couple of days now and I still haven’t watched it.  I know…what’s wrong with me? LOL. Too tired, I guess. It’s been a hectic few days. I’m off tomorrow though, so I’m sure I’ll find time for it then. I hope it’s good.

Ciao for now.

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Can’t sleep!

This is what I feel like


Sore throat. Can’t sleep. Guess I’ll write in my blog.

Hmm…what to write? Well, I guess I could tell you that I’m up to 50,000 words on my book now. That’s going well. I’m finding as I go along, lots of ideas that could make it better. I guess everyone does that though…LOL. I’ve decided that the first part is going to have to undergo some serious restructuring too. And I’m going to add a prologue. It’s going to be something really terrible. Something to introduce the bad guy in a way that will make you wish he were dead. No, I haven’t figured out what it’s going to be yet…LOL. It’ll come to me. It always does in the end.

Christmas is right around the corner. I have no money, as usual…LOL…so I’ve decided to use what I have available to me, a scanner/printer and lots of blank DVD’s. Oh, and  a little help from Smilebox. This year has not been that great financially and all my savings has been whittled away to nothing. Sucks. So, I decided to go through all the old pictures I have of my childhood, scan them into my computer and using Smilebox, make DVD’s for my family. I think they would all like it. Time is running out though. I have yet to scan a single picture.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with things you need to do that you freeze and can’t get yourself to do anything? That’s me. I hate it. It’s something I have to struggle with all the time, since as a single mother, I seem to always have a million things to do. I shall endeavor to do better. Tomorrow’s another day, right?

And I think it’s time for me to try and go back to sleep. My ibuprofen seems to be kicking in so maybe I get a couple more hours before it’s time to get up again.

Ciao for now.

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Yeah, I gots it. Pathetically apathetic. That’s me.

I would hate for you to see my house right now. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to clean. I do the laundry becuase I have to have clean clothes to wear to work. At least I’m still going to work.

Maybe it’s the heat. It’s been really hot here lately. Makes it hard to do anything. I haven’t been writing either. I have been drawing, but that’s about all I’ve been able to make myself do. Life hasn’t been very exciting or comforting to me lately. I know, it’s all a matter of perspective. My perspective has been kinda sucky lately. Maybe it’s hormonal. I’m pretty sure I’m pre-menopausal. Might have something to do with getting my hours cut at work too. 32 hours this week. Sucks. I can’t really bitch too much though, everyone else is getting theirs cut too. Oh yeah, I really don’t like the new decorator, Billie. She’s a pain in the ass. I have given up on trying to be nice to her. Fuck that (excuse my language).

I think I’m turning into Walter (one of Jeff Dunham’s alter egos). I just can’t seem to be bothered with tolerating certain people anymore. I hate to say it, but some of them are family…LOL. Life is just to short to waste time on people that piss you off though. Why even try to be nice or include them in your life if they are only going to bring you grief?

Yeah, I’m on a roll this evening. Sorry, I just feel like venting and this is as good a place as any. It doesn’t help that it’s late and I’m tired and my right ankle hurts because I’ve been favoring my left knee that hurts.

Why yes, I would love some cheese to go with my whine…LOL.

Ok, I’ll give it a break for now. Ciao!

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Just another post…or is it?


It might be. I have no idea. I didn’t start this post with any sort of topic in mind. I guess I could talk about my day. There’s not much to distinguish it from a thousand other days I’ve had though. It was busy. I had the same routine that I have just about every day I work. There really wasn’t anything to make it stand out, good or bad, as days go.

It was payday, not that that’s anything to get excited about. The house payment pretty much takes care of this one. Hopefully, next payday will provide a little extra so Joseph and I can go see Alice in Wonderland. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It seems to have got cold again. I’m not very happy with that fact…as I sit here shivering. The hot cup of coffee I’m sipping isn’t doing much to help. I’m sure if I got off my ass and moved around a bit it would help immensely. Unfortunately, my feet and ankles seem to be protesting this evening. I can’t blame them. If I stood on you all day, you’d protest too.

I think I shall endeavor to make some muffins this evening. Chocolate chip muffins. I only have one banana nut muffin left, so I need to make something for breakfast. It’s either chocolate chip or pumpkin muffins. Since Jared will be helping me…it’ll probably be the chocolate chip ones…LOL. That’s ok. I’ll do pumpkin another time. Or maybe lemon. I love lemon. I’ve even thought about doing coconut. If you haven’t yet noticed, I’m really into muffins right now. I’ve been thinking of all sorts of varieties I can make. I love muffins. Untill recently though, the muffins I’ve consumed have mostly been store-bought. Then I made a batch of blueberry muffins from a mix and was surprised at how perfect they turned out. So I started making some from scratch. Perfect again! I’m hooked.

Things are really going smoothly on my writing. I’ve been writing down outline every break I have at work. It’s awesome. I think I’m nearing the end of the complete story…or am I? I may leave a loose end that could lead to another story. Who knows? It’s so exciting to feel like I’m accomplishing something though. I just wish I didn’t have such troubles with my hands. Sometimes it’s hard to write much in my notebook at work because of….well…work. It wreaks havoc on my hands. Typing isn’t so bad, but I like writing down ideas in my notebook. The idea/outlining stage works better for me if I write by hand. Oh well, such is life. Some day it would be nice if I didn’t have to do anything else but write. I have the perfect secluded place, just no peace and quiet…LOL. I have kids.

Kids grow up though, don’t they? Unless their boys (and mine are) then they never grow up. Joseph is (technically) a legal adult though. He’s 18…almost 19. Jared is a bit behind him at 11…almost 12. Their birthdays are a week apart in June. My little June bugs. I know that one of these days they will both be grown and gone with families of their own…but right now it seems like a long way down the road…LOL. Especially when Jared can’t go 5 minutes without coming in here and pestering me.

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight. I guess I was pretty much all over the place here and didn’t really have anything to say. I just felt like talking though. And not to anyone in particular. Just myself. That way I don’t have to worry about anyone else butting in and making me lose my train of thought (like I need another person to cause that…LOL…as you can tell from this post).

Ciao for now!

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Another day, another dollar (or a fraction thereof)

Well, there hasn’t been much interesting happening around here so I can’t promise this will be an exciting post, but I felt like writing and it’s my blog, so there.

I don’t really have a lot of time to write this morning, but Joseph usually takes half an hour in the shower so I have a few minutes…LOL. Today is hopefully going to be a good day. My boss is off so I won’t have to worry about her getting in my business. I’m really glad that Debbie (my boss’s boss) has come and gone. Donna (my boss) gets so uptight when she knows that Debbie is coming. She had me waste time doing Valentine’s cakes that Debbie was coming to help with so that Debbie wouldn’t have much to do and therefore not stay long. All she did was waste my time. Debbie stayed all day anyway…LOL. I thought it was funny.

Debbie wasn’t bad at all yesterday. I usually don’t have any problems with  her anyway though. She likes me and respects me. Yesterday she even said she is embarrassed to decorate in front of me. I intimidate her. LOL. It was flattering. But what sort of response do you give to something like that?

Anyway, today should be a relaxing day. I’ll be alone in the decorating corner and as long as I don’t have a ton of orders, I should get lots of extra stuff done. That’s the plan, anyhow.

Well, it looks as if Joseph is done in the shower. I guess I should wrap this up. I”m off tomorrow, so maybe I’ll try to post something a little more entertaining.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

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A day full of possibilities

I have such wonderful plans for today! I am going to accomlish things today! I’ve already written 200 words on my book and I plan to write more later. Yeah, 200 words isn’t much, but compared to what I’ve been doing lately, it’s wonderful. I hope it spurs me on to getting back into my story again.

I’d also like to get some more wood cut today. Not sure if that’s going to happen though. We have rain in the forecast. It’s a little hard to cut wood in the rain. Not to mention, I could use a new chain for the chainsaw. Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have plenty to keep me busy in the house. This place is a mess. Every time I clean it, I tell myself I’m not going to let it get messy like this again. And what happens? It gets messy again…LOL. I just have too much stuff. I really need to get rid of some of it. Hopefully, today I’ll be able to do that. Maybe I’ll finish cleaning out Joseph’s closet and start working on mine.

Joseph has Robotics today. They are really working hard on the “building” stage of their project. He spent 7 hours up at the school yesterday working with his teammates. I don’t think they were working the whole time though, because someone brought lego’s up there and Joseph said he built something with them…LOL. He had a good time though and that’s what’s important. Don’t know how long he’s going to be up there today. I’m definitely going to enjoy my time alone though. I don’t get much of it anymore now that Joseph has decided not to go back to his Dad’s.

I’m going to spend my “alone” time writing. I want to see some results, feel like I’m getting somewhere, with my story. Wish me luck.

I know, I’m not going to get anywhere at all sitting here on my ass all day…LOL. And on that note….


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I do believe I’m snowed in

No, that’s not my car. I’m wondering if my car is going to look like that in the morning though. Snow, snow and more snow. It sucks. This is Oklahoma….we’re not supposed to have winters like this.

Ok, I’m done complaining. Maybe.

I did actually get out and about earlier today. It’s a good thing I got when I did because it’s not looking like I’ll be getting out again any time soon. It was actually kinda fun. There weren’t many people out so traffic was light. Jared went with me but Joseph wanted to stay home. It was a nice outing…except that Jared wanted to talk CONSTANTLY. We went to Walmart and he used his Christmas money to buy another wrestling belt. He must have about 20 now…LOL. This one is special though…it’s leather and it spins. I’ve been hearing about how wonderful it is all evening…LOL. I’m glad he had a good day.

Joseph has just come back in from taking a walk. I didn’t even know he’d gone out (some Mother I am). He walked up to the main road and back. That’s 2/3 of a mile in all…in the dark…in the snow. Strange child.

Well, time to get off my butt and get something done around here. I hope everyone else who is enduring this winter storm is making it ok. I hate to think about those who are without power or company. Makes me thankful for my rowdy boys and heat and electricity and water.


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It’s a good day

Today has been a good day. It’s not over yet though. Hmm, that sounds a little negative but I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant that I still have a few hours left to accomplish something. I haven’t really accomplished much…but it’s still been a good day. The weather was nice. I took a long nap. I did some laundry and dishes. I feel good. Maybe it’s the extra sleep. I wish I knew…I’d write it down and do it all the time. I still haven’t been able to figure out why sometimes I feel good and others I don’t.

I didn’t get any writing done today…I wanted to…but I just didn’t sit down and do it. It’s ok. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I have done a little bit in the last few days. I decided to write a scene about my villian. I’ve finished sketching the outline of it. Just the outline is good. I hope I can do it justice when I actually write it out. It needs to be a powerful scene. I hope I can convey the horror and sadness of it all. We shall see.

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for my writing group. I would love for us all to contribute, but I’m not sure everyone wants to. I will probably put it on the back burner for now and save it for another time. I just really think that it could be an awesome thing if everyone contributed something. We have such wonderful people in our group. It seems that we are all going through stressful times right now…some more than others. The blog can wait.

I’ve been thinking about doing a personal blog as well. Something anonymous. Something I can use for recording all my day to day BS. Yeah, if I really wanted it to be anonymous I’d just do a journal on my computer and not on the internet. I really like WordPress blogs though and it’s not that I don’t want anyone to read it…I just don’t want anyone to know it’s me…LOL. It would just be another one of thousands of other blogs that people write. I don’t care about strangers reading it…it’s the people I know that I’m not too keen on having them read it and know it’s me. I don’t think I’m in any danger of that though. I’ve posted the link to this blog on my Facebook and writing group sites and no one ever seems to visit…LOL.

Well, I guess I better get off here and take advantage of what’s left of the evening. My kitchen could definitely use a little (ok, a lot) more work. I still have laundry to fold and put away too. I’m not sure if I’m going to have to go get Joseph from his friends or if he’s going to spend the night. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind if he spent the night. It would save me another trip this evening.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s that time of year again. Another Christmas. This year we have a white one. It’s a little unusual for Oklahoma. We’ve had some wicked weather the last couple of days though. Despite that, the sun rose this morning in a clear, blue sky to shine on the thick carpet of white snow. Beautiful.

Unfortunately, it’s a bitch when it comes to driving. We won’t be going to my Brother’s today. My kids and I will be spending Christmas at home. It’s ok with me. Being the hermit that I am, I don’t mind a bit…LOL. I’m hoping that sometime today I’ll be able to carve a little piece out for myself to get my outline typed into the computer…or even better…get some actual writing done. That would involve shutting myself away from the children and their incessant use of the TV for their movies and video games. It’s hard to think when you have “Mr. Woodcock” playing in the background. I’m one of those writers that have to have peace and quiet, no distractions, to access my inner creativity.

News: Not that it matters to anyone, but I have a dog now. It’s actually Jared’s dog. His name is Pepe and he’s a black poodle. He was staying at the kids’ Daddy’s house but he wasn’t treating Pepe very well. He was being left out in the cold without any company. So now he’s here and I have to say I’ve never seen a sweeter, more good-natured dog. He’s a welcome addition to the family. He’s defintely Jared’s dog though. He loves that boy.

You know, I may have to include something about that in my story. I think it would be an awesome addition. The more I think about it…the more I like that idea.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe Christmas. I know that accidents happen every day, and that people die or get killed every day, but it’s a shame to think that some people’s holiday could get ruined because of something like that. With the roads around here as bad as they are, I hope everyone is extra careful if they feel that they absolutely have to get out.

Just remember…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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