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Dud Date

Well, I had dinner with JH last night. Not really anything like I expected. But then that’s life in a nutshell…right?


I’ll start from the beginning.


Last week, I went to one of my writing groups meetings. It was great. JH was there too. Hadn’t seen him around in a month or so. He sat next to me. Nothing out of the ordinary in that. Afterwards, we were all leaving and he and I stood outside and talked for a┬ábit. “We should go have dinner sometime” he said. I smiled and said “sure”. We talked some more. Again, he said we should have dinner sometime. Again, I said ok. He asked me when was a good time for me. Then he asked what time. Then he asked where I would like to go.


Sounds like a date, right?


Well, I was flattered, of course. Gave my ego a real boost. Someone in the “real world” wanted to go out with me, spend time with me. I can’t remember the last time I was asked out. I was looking forward to the event and was curious about what it would be like.


I’m curious no more. It was just me and JH sitting across from each other, eating a meal and talking. Pretty normal stuff. Pretty boring stuff. No, JH is not boring, he’s a nice guy and very interesting and articulate. It just wasn’t very exciting. It was definitely not romantic and we each paid our part of the check (I offered, he accepted). I got a hug as we parted to our respective vehicles.


Boring, huh?


I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong here. I’m sure it was for the best that it didn’t go a romantic route. After all, I’m not really attracted to him. There’s no….spark…connection…whatever. Still, I did wonder if I was going to at least get a kiss out of the deal. Been a long time since I was kissed (ok…since I was kissed good…lol). It was a good experience though. Not one that I think I will repeat, but I did learn something.


I’m still too much in love with P to have any interest in anyone else.


It’s cool. Being in love with someone you have no hope of being with keeps you out of trouble, right?


I need all the help I can get in that area…LOL.


Always look on the bright side of life!


Ciao for now


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