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This is a post about my pen pal, Phil. Reader Beware! This could get graphic. Even I don’t know where I’m going with this one…LOL.

I think I may have posted something before about getting back in touch with my good friend Phil. The romance with his girlfriend Sam had run it’s course and I got my pen pal back.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Things are different now…but it’s actually better. Easier. Before, I was crazy about him and worried too much. Yeah, I’m still crazy about him, but I don’t worry so much about it now. I guess when he lost contact before, even though I missed him, I got over it and went on. Maybe that helps me keep a better perspective this time. I know if he runs away again, I’ll miss him and move on.

It’s worth the risk though. Trust me. He’s one of the most amazing men you will ever meet…even though, technically, I’ve never met him…LOL.


Ok, I’ll tell you about Phil. First, he’s good looking. My opinion. That has nothing to do with how amazing he is though. He’s so smart. He knows more about music than anyone I’ve ever met. And his intelligence doesn’t quit there. He’s interested in all sorts of subjects, science, philosophy, etc, and it’s a pleasure to talk to him about those things. He’s smarter than me. I love it. I don’t meet many people who teach me so much…turn me on to new things…make me look in new directions.

He’s talented too. He plays the guitar, sings, write’s music/poems, does graphic art. I have several CD’s of his own music and they are awesome.

He’s funny too. A wonderful sense of humor. A sarcastic wit and a practical joker. He’s caught me by surprise a few times and cracked me up.

He’s so giving too. And thoughtful. He’s made music CD’s for me…videos…bought me a book. Always something special to the individual person he’s giving to.

Yeah, I sound rather enamoured of him, don’t I? I am. It gets a little difficult to maintain perspective at times too. It would be so easy to let myself go and fall head over heels…but that’s not very realistic is it? I get caught up in the moment sometimes and let my imagination and emotions run away with me. I try not to wonder “what if?” too much. No sense in that. Logic usually prevails…LOL. Although sometimes it takes a while…LOL. I”m glad he puts up with me and my “crush”. I’m glad it doesn’t bother him. I know he doesn’t have any “romantic” feelings for me…although he does like me. I can handle that. He’s such a good friend.

Yeah, I’d love to shag him. You know it. The other night we were chatting and he did a little “cyber sex” thing for me….HOT. I thought I was going to have a heart attack…got me so worked up. I saved it. No, you can’t see it…LOL. Trust me, it was good. The things I would like to do to that man…sigh. A girl can dream, right?

I would love to meet Phil some day. I hope to do that. And no, not just to have sex…LOL. I doubt that would happen anyway. It would be so much fun just to hang out with him…talk to him. I hope to get the chance to do that some day. We shall see. ‘

Ciao for now


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