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Happy New Year!

It’s almost a new year here. Not much longer to go…just a little more than an hour. There are lots of places who have already had their new year and are nice and snug in their beds…sleeping off the effects of their partying. My friend Phil would be one of those. He lives in Englad and had his new year almost 5 hours ago. I hope he has a wonderful new year. He’s one of the neatest people I know and he deserves the best.

Jared has already passed out on me. He told me to wake him up later…so I’ll give it a try…providing I’m still up myself…LOL. I probably will be. I shouldn’t…but I probably will. I still need to get a fire going and do some last minute cleaning on the bathroom and kitchen before Steve gets here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to his visit. He’s been planning this a while and was supposed to be here last Sunday, but New York got snowed in and he couldn’t make it. He’ll make it this time though. He arrives tomorrow. I hope he has a good visit here. I will do my best to make it so.

I’m feeling better than I did last night, but I’ve still got some sinus crap going on. My throat is a little sore too. I hope it’s just allergies gone crazy and not a cold. I would hate to give Steve a cold while he’s here.

Well, I better get off here and take advantage of a little peace and quiet and get some more done around here before I have to wake up Jared to ring in the new year.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. I hope you have a wonderful 2011!


December 31, 2010 - Posted by | Friends, Life

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