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Why do I do the things I do?

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? I mean the stupid things. I rarely wonder why  I do the smart things, I kinda expect that from me…LOL. It’s the stupid things that make me wonder “What the hell was I thinking?”

Case in point…letting Don come over. Big mistake. I knew it was a mistake. That’s why I haven’t seen him in over a year. Obviously I’d forgotten just why I hadn’t seen  him in over a year. Hence, the reason I’m writing this. I don’t want to forget again.

What’s so bad about Don, you ask? I’ll get to that. First, I should probably explain why I let him come over in the first place. I was horny.  There it is. My libido got the best of me. The company I was expecting to visit wasn’t able to make it and I was all worked up.  I got on facebook….and there was Don. Don asks to come over on occasion. I usually say no…give him some excuse. I didn’t this time. I say again….”What was I thinking?”

Don is a drunk. What I didn’t realize is that he had already been drinking enough at 9:30 in the morning to be drunk that day. He drove to my house…that’s right…drove. When I saw him stumble on the steps of the porch, I realized he was drunk. Damn.

We started messing around and it started coming back to me why I’ve avoided this man. He’s too rough. Don’t get me wrong…I like it rough once in a while…but not overpowering. I felt like he was trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth! OW!

Ok…getting explicit here….

The oral sex was pretty good….until he started using his fingers. Then things got rough again. I had to tell him to stop. That’s sensitive stuff down there. That’s about as far as it went. I pulled one of my toys out wanting him to use that on me instead of his fingers and I think he was offended…LOL. It wasn’t long before he was up and gone.

I wanted to kick myself. What a horrible experience. I think it was worse than the last time he was here. And he kept asking me the same things…over and over….”Do I kiss good?”…”Am I too old for you?”….”Do you like me?”…shit like that.

WTF was I thinking?

He actually wants to come back. 

Not gonna happen.


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