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sitting at the library

Here I am, sitting at the library. Sigh.

I’ve exhausted all my possibilities with Facebook, no one is on yahoo messenger or windows messenger. AOL is sadly lacking in anyone to talk too as well. I’ve played around enough on www.interpals.net and I’ve already posted to my other blog. Sigh, again.

No, it was not my idea to come to the library. It was Joseph’s. My idea was to take a nap. I even tried to persuade him to take my car and drive himself to the library. No such luck. So, here I am, sitting at the library, trying to find something to take my attention off my ass hurting from sitting in these hard seats. I’m not having much luck with that.

So, here I am posting nonsense. You’ll only have to put up with another 10 minutes of my nonsense though (at least for today).  The library is closing in 15. Yay! In fact, the lovely lady librarian (and yes, you did detect some sarcasm there) just came over to tell us that very thing.  At least it’s cool in here. Which is more than I can say for my house. Actually, it’s not too bad today, but the last few days it’s been over 100 and my poor little A/C struggles to keep up. It’s bearable today though. I’ll be happy to get back to it.

Ok, time to pack up. Just when my ass is starting to go numb…LOL. Why couldn’t it have done that an hour ago?

Ciao for now.


August 5, 2010 - Posted by | Life |

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