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The meandering path of my life


I soar down manmade pathways
in a manmade machine.
Windows down
I breathe in the night.
Merely missing the light
it has become a separate entity.
in more than just it’s lightlessness.
The beauty of the night
caresses my senses.
The wind
blows through my hair.
The smell
makes me breathe deeply and smile.
The night fills me
and I gladly become a part of it.
I leave the daylight behind
and all of it’s cares.
There is only the night
and I am free.

I felt inspired to write this. One of my favorite things to do is drive at night with the windows down. I love to feel the wind on my face and smell the night smells. The area I live in, I can drive down the roads in peace, be the only car on the road. I love that feeling. At that moment, the rest of the world doesn’t exist and I feel so free of it all.


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