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I had a dream…


I really don’t know how explicit this is going to be, but I decided that I had to write about a dream I had. It’s a dream about a guy I work with. A guy that is much younger than I am. A guy that is a good friend and…until my dream…I didn’t have any sexual thoughts about.

Ok first the dream: Me and Mike are sitting on the couch at my house. We are laughing and joking around and then suddenly he gets quiet and stares at me. I look back at him. He leans in and kisses me. He’s awkward at first, nervous, trying to hard. I try to take it slow and start running my tongue around his lips. He gets the hint and we are having a good time when all of a sudden, my Mother comes out of my bedroom and catches us…LOL. I don’t know what she’s doing there, but I remember at that point my shirt is off and I cover myself with my arms. I remember thinking it’s funny and Mike is all freaked out…LOL. Mom goes back in the bedroom. Some other stuff happens, but I can’t really remember the rest of it. It’s faded. Probably because it wasn’t nearly as interesting…LOL.

Anyway, ever since that dream, I can’t help but think about that dream and let my imagination elaborate on even more. Mike and I are friends, but I have no “romantic” interest in him. I do however have a “sexual” interest in him. I keep thinking what it might be like to run my hands all over his body. I would love to kiss his lips and then make my way down to his neck, feeling the roughness of his stubble. I can imagine smelling his cologne. I’d love to undo his tie and slowly unbutton his shirt, looking at his face while I work, seeing the perspiration above his lip glisten. He doesn’t even know how sexy that is. He doesn’t think he’s sexy at all.

I’d love to slide his shirt off and run my hands over his chest, play with his nipples, maybe even bend my head down and lick them. Then I’d like to reach down and grabl his crotch, feel his hardness in my hand. I imagine him moaning in pleasure. Then I would undo his pants and pull them down, along with his underwear…the whole time feeling of his smooth thighs. Then I would have to push him into a chair and drop to my knees in front of him. I would move in close, kissing his chest, his stomach…feeling his hard, throbbing cock pressing into me. Then I would back away, maybe give his cock a small lick, before moving to his thighs, rubbing my hands up and down his legs, kissing his inner thighs, making my way closer and closer to the prize.

I would finally take his cock in my hand and suck the head of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I can just imagine his excited response. (I have a feeling Mike has never had a blow job before).  I would love to lick him and suck him and play with him until he shot his load all over me.  And then I would like to clean him up while he lay back, relaxed and sweaty…and kiss him all over some more.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that scenario ever since I had that dream. Maybe now that I’ve written it down, I can get rid of those thoughts. I sure can’t tell Mike…LOL. He’d probably freak out and not have anything to do with me anymore. He’s a little on the timid side when it comes to sexual things. I have a feeling he might be a virgin. That’s ok. He wouldn’t be my first…LOL.

Well, I don’t know if I should have written all this in here, but I don’t think anyone I know reads this thing anyway…LOL. I surely won’t be posting  a link to it on my facebook anytime soon…LOL.

Ciao for now


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