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Pen Pal

Yeah, I got another pen pal. From the U.K. again. I know, I’m such a wannabe. I just find them interesting. I am already familiar with people around here.

His name is Phil. He’s pretty cool too. I like him a lot. He’s smart and funny and generous. He’s already sent me a package of CD’s and DVD’s and has another package ready for me. The CD’s he sent were ones of his own music. They are pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear more.

I know, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve been busy. Ok, I know, it’s a lame excuse. I guess I just haven’t really felt that it was all that necessary to my sanity. I’ve been feeling pretty good.

I joined a new writing group. I absolutely LOVE it. The people there are very nice. I’ve only been twice, but I’m going to keep going. They meet every Monday and that works out perfect for me. I don’t have the kids so I won’t worry about missing time with them. Tonight, I’m going to be submitting my revised first chapter. I’m nervous. On the one hand, I hope I get lots of feedback about what I can do to make my story better. On the other hand, I’m hoping that it’s so good that it doesn’t need any help. Ok, maybe I’m not as sane as I had hoped…LOL.

Something is going on with my car. It’s making a funny (ok, it really isn’t funny) noise. Sometimes it stops…but sometimes it’s really bad, like last night. I don’t know what it is but I think it has something to do with the steering or shocks. I’m taking it to Joe’s to see if he might know what it is. I don’t think he will, but maybe he can talk to James and he’ll know what’s wrong. I hope it’s nothing really bad. I’m poor.

Well, I don’t remember if I posted this yet or not…but I’m done with the complete outline of my story. Well, I say I’m done, but I’ve seen a couple of things that I need to go back and add. I’m still thinking about what it needs though. It won’t stop me from doing some writing though. What I’ve been doing lately is going back and revising some of the stuff I’ve already written. Chapter 1 and 2 were fairly easy. The end of chapter 3 is giving me some trouble though because there is a whole scene that is going to have to come out and be changed. It’s just to weird right now. I need something a little more subtle. I’m working on it.

Well, I guess that’s about all the news for now. Not much change happening around here. No, I haven’t met the man of my dreams or won the lottery…LOL. Trust me, you’ll know when that happens…LOL.

Ok, time to go and do other things. Just had to touch base in here again. I’m surprised by all the activity I’ve had for my blog while I have been ignoring it. I think it gets more hits when I’m not writing in it than when I do…LOL.

Ciao for now!


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