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It’s been a while

I know, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve actually been a bit lax in making posts lately. I apologize. Things have just been really busy. Joseph has now Graduated though and Jared is on summer break now, so hopefully I won’t be quite as busy. I still have tons of yardwork that needs to be done though. I know, I’ll get the kids to help me out…..right…LOL.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve still been working on my story. I’ve been taking my notebook with me to work and jotting down ideas. Yeah, I’ve been doing that for a long time. I know. It takes a lot of ideas to make a story though. I’m working on the ending. I’ve been working on it for a while now. It’s taking me a long time to get it all figured out. I mean, I know how it’s going to end…I just have to figure out how that happens…from point A to point B. I can’t just say “they escaped somehow”. It’s getting there. I have a great story. It gets more and more wonderrful by the idea. I just hope my writing does it justice. That’s what worries me the most. I worry that I don’t know enough about writing to get the story across good. Oh well, we shall see.

Despite not having posted in here in a while, I’m having difficulty in finding things to talk about. What does that say about how interesting my life is? The fact is, everything the last few weeks  has been about Joseph graduating. That and trying to get yardwork done. Oh, and housework too. I don’t even want to tell you how long some of my dishes have been sitting in the sink. Yeah, I should be home doing some of that work.

It’s my day off though. I gotta have a little something to remember it by…LOL. I gotta have some ME time. This is it. I’m at Panera Bread, I’ve had a delicious brownie and I’m getting to do all the wonderful things on their high speed internet that I can’t do at home. I’m even thinking about watching a movie or TV show on netflix. Yeah, like I need to waste more time doing that.

Ok, I’ve sufficiently berated myself for being here so I guess I’ll try and hurry up and get home so I can do some….(gasp)….work. Hey, there’s always tomorrow. I’m off again. I may even come back and have another brownie. I don’t know, I had a wonderful grilled cheese bagel the other day…I may repeat that.



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It’s almost over!

Graduation is Saturday! Soon Joseph is going to be out of school and starting his future as an adult! I don’t know about you…but it scared me spitless! I know he’s going through a tough time right now too. I think sometimes he feels like I do about life…you just want to bury your head in the sand and let it pass you by. I”m sure he’ll get the hang of it though. We all do. Well, most of us do…LOL.

Feeling a little better today. My ankle has been giving me some trouble. It comes and goes. I guess it doesn’t help standing on it all day. I don’t know if that’s the only problem or not. I guess it could be arthritis…or maybe even gout. I bought some black cherry juice today just in case it’s gout. That should help if it is. I could probably use some new shoes as well.

Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to do more posting in here. Things have just been so busy lately. I don’t really know how “less” busy things are going to be when school is out though. I may have to take Joseph to work on occasion. I sure hope he gets his license soon…and his Daddy helps him get a car.

I’m going to look into community college for Joseph. I may even decide to take a few classes myself. I’ve always wanted to go back to school. Maybe this will give me the boost I need. I would kinda like to take online courses if I could, but it might be fun to actually go to the campus. It would just take more time out of my day though. Oh well, we’ll see.

Gotta go for now. Library is about to close. Ciao!

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Busy, busy, busy

That would be my life right now. I’m busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. I love this time of year, but it’s so busy that I don’t get much chance to really enjoy it.

Not that I’m complaining…LOL. Ok, maybe I am. I really shouldn’t though. I’m working overtime so I’m getting some extra money, I’ve got tons of stuff to do outside so I’m getting more exercise (I’m dying here), and I’m wasting less time on the internet. Maybe this will help me to spend what free time I have, wisely.

One can hope.

And I must go now because I’m meeting Mom for lunch and I have to hurry with that so I can meet John and Sonja at the theatre. We’re going to see Alice in Wonderland! I’m so excited! I just hope I have some time to do a little housework when I get home.


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It’s about time!

I think I’ve finally found my way back to the internet.  Life is good.

I got a new computer…a laptop. Yeah, my old computer was a laptop as well, but it was past it’s prime. I couldn’t even access wifi anymore. Not so with this new computer. I LOVE IT!

Of course, I still don’t have high speed at home. Yeah, I’m still dependent on dial-up. That was a bit of a problem to overcome as well, as they don’t make new laptops with a dial up modem anymore…or so they told me…after I spent forever trying to figure out what was wrong. Thank goodness for the geek squad.

So, anyway, I’m back in the virtual world again. WooHoo! My current location is the Library, where I have just watched an episode of Dexter. I love that show. It was awesome to watch it on my computer too. Ok, so the library isn’t exactly the most wonderful place to watch a show…I mean you can’t have any drinks, and it’s not the most cozy place to be, but I can handle it just fine. Maybe one of these days I’ll enjoy the luxury of having high speed internet at home…sigh.

I don’t know what everyone else has been up to, but I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest lately. I got my tax refund (hence the new computer) and I’ve been using it to take care of all the stuff that has fallen to the wayside in the last year. I got a new push mower, weed-eater, and some other yard tools and plants and things. I’m still working on getting everything planted. Yeah, I know, I should be home working on that instead of sitting on my ass here at the library…LOL. Hey, all work and no play makes me very irritable. Sometimes I get irritable for no reason at all..LOL. It’s a menopause thing.

I finally got most of the yard mowed. It only took me forever. It was pretty high…and I still have a lot of branches and sticks hanging around from the ice storm a couple years ago. A little at a time…baby steps…LOL. It’s better than no steps at all. Sometimes things get so overwhelming at my place that I feel like just up and running away. Then there are the special moments where I sit outside on my porch, a cool evening breeze caresses my skin and  I see the bugs and flying insects flitting around over the tops of the grass in the field in front of my house and I hear the songs of the frogs.  Those are the moments I live for. Beautiful.

Well, since I do have so much to do at home, I better get around and get back to it. The dishes aren’t going to do themselves…and I have some major spring cleaning to do. I have vowed to get rid of the stuff that is cluttering up my closets. It’s yard sale time!

Wish me luck.


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