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New Camera

Yay! I finally got myself a new camera!

It’s nothing fancy, quite cheap really, but it takes pictures and some video. I love it. I’ve missed not having a camera. This time I bought the extended warranty for it. I don’t want to be without a camera again. I had so much fun with the last one.

What sort of camera is it, you ask? It’s teal blue. LOL. More? It’s a Sanyo. Don’t ask me anything more about it, because I can’t remember at the moment. I think it was 12 megapixels and 4X zoom…but not sure since I looked at a lot of cameras.

I love getting a tax refund! I got my state and now waiting on my federal. I’ve got lots to do with it. I need the brakes fixed on my car. At least I think that’s what’s wrong with it. It squeeks when I stop. Next, I need to get my lawnmower fixed. I also need to get a new stove. Something is going wrong with the propane too, so I’m thinking about going all electric, so I might be getting an electric stove. I’ll have to get an electric water heater too if I do that. That means I’ll have to get an electrician to come out and do some modifications. We’ll have to see what the cost comparisons are. I could use a new air conditioner too. And a new push mower would be nice. I need new windshield wipers too.

And the list goes on…LOL.

I’ll do as much with it as I can. I just hope I get all the necessary things done….like the car and the lawnmower and a decision made about whether or not to stay with propane or change out everything for electric. Those are the main concerns.

Ok, enough of my dreaming. How about I tell you what’s been going on with the rest of my life?

LOL…not much really. Ok, yeah, I did talk to Timothy on the phone last night. It was nice. It felt like old times. It’s strange how much has happened between us…and how long it’s been since we talked…and it’s like nothing ever happened and we just talk and laugh like old times. It’s actually kinda nice to have that with someone.

Joseph decided to break down and call his Dad. It wouldn’t have happened except Joe said he’d get the tux rental for Joseph’s prom. Joseph said everything went pretty good…better than he expected…and he’s going to start going back to his Dad’s again. I’m glad things went good. I just hope Joe continues to behave himself so he can have a good relationship with his grown son.

I’ve almost finished the outline to my story! Yeah, I know, I’ve been saying that for a while now. I haven’t been working on it very much lately though. Sometimes life gets really busy and keeps you from being able to focus on other things. Anyway, I just have the end scene where the final act takes place. I’ve written outline up to the point where they talk about their plan to take out the bad dude. I leave it hanging. I can’t tell the reader the plan. Next comes the plan in action. I know how it will all end…and I’ve thought out a few scenarios on how that’s going to happen, I just have to fill in some details. I think I’m going to work in a seperate notebook so I can play with it a bit. Won’t be long now though. Then I’ll be able to start typing it up on the computer again…assuming I can get the computer fixed. I’d really like to get a new one (fingers crossed).

Ok, abrupt ending here. I gotta go help Joseph color his hair.



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  1. Hello! 🙂
    its cool that u got a new cam.. I hopeyou post some photoghraphs u took with your new cam!
    btw.. good blog! 🙂
    thnx for sharing your shopping thrill Loisanne

    Comment by Omaima Al Najjar | May 7, 2010 | Reply

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