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Writing Rant: The Lost Works of…


Have you ever lost some of your writing? Something you were working on…in a computer file, a notebook, a scrap of paper…and suddenly it was gone? Forever? If you’ve been writing for while, I’m sure your answer is an aggravated “YES”.

Don’t you just hate that? All that work…gone.

Well, as you might have already guessed, that happened to me a week or so ago. It was a notebook. The notebook I was taking with me to work every day and spending my lunch hour writing in. And let me tell you, things were going good. I was writing some awesome outline, figuring out plot points, character development, working my way to the brilliant ending, when it happened. I lost it. No, I have no idea where I left it. To tell the truth, I guess it could possibly be somewhere here in the house still. I haven’t checked under the bed or couches. It’s not a likely spot though.

Anyway, I was kinda bummed out…for a few minutes. Yep, surprised me too. I thought I would have been much more upset. I’m not though. I just got one of my other notebooks and started over. Oh, it’s not as detailed in places as the first one was, but the general idea is the same. Actually though, some ideas have been altered slightly. I find I like the alterations better than the original. It just helps to validate my belief that everything happens for a reason. Maybe losing that notebook was a good thing…?

So, with the way this has turned out, it makes me wonder…what sort of things might I come up with if I had to write other parts of the outline over? Hmmm. Maybe it’s a good thing to go back and re-write things without looking at your notes. Who knows what your subconcious might come up with at a different time?

I could compare it to hacking a trail through the jungle, looking for a destination. Your path might twist and turn all the way, and while you finally reach your destination, if you travelled that path again, you might find a better way to get there now that you know where you’re going.

Another analogy might be…watching a movie. Some movies, take Sixth Sense for example, are wonderful to watch the first time. But when you see it the second time, or third, you see things you didn’t see the first time. The complexity and meaning grows and astounds you.

I think losing my notebook was a blessing for me. It not only forced to me “try again”, it made me realize that maybe just because I come up with an idea to move my story forward, it doesn’t mean that has to be the way it happens. It’s just the idea that I came up with at that time. Maybe my subconcious will come up with a better idea later. I have to give it the chance though. That’s where going back over old (front of the book) material could benefit the story.

I’m really excited to have discovered this concept. I hope I remember it and put it to good use…without having to lose anything else…LOL.


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