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Ok, I’m off today. Joseph doesn’t have Vo-Tech today so he’s home. Jared isn’t feeling well, so he’s home too. What happened to me having some peace and quiet on my day off?

Here I am, watching “The Love Guru” for the 856th time. At least it’s not Family Guy. I have forbidden Jared to watch it today. It’s not conducive to feeling better…LOL. Like “The Love Guru” is any better. Actually, Mike Myers is a pretty funny guy. I really don’t know why “The Love Guru” didn’t do better at the box office.

I am planning on having lunch with with a couple of former co-workers today. Kathy and Marnie and I used to work together at the same store, but now I work in Tulsa and they are at the new Owasso store. Anyway, I’m hoping we can get together for lunch today. I don’t get to see them much anymore, and while Marnie is my friend on Facebook, Kathy doesn’t get online so I don’t get to hear what’s going on with her.

The weather here has been pretty nice. I’m hoping it’s a prelude to spring. I’m so tired of the cold weather we’ve been having. This has been a terrible winter. We’ve had more snow than Canada, I’m sure!

Well, I hope today is a good day. I was wanting to have at least a little time to myself, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Wish me luck on getting thing accomplished today. I have a lot to do and days off always seem to fly by.


February 19, 2010 - Posted by | Friends, Life

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