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Cutting Firewood Sucks!

Ok, cutting firewood really doesn’t suck completely. It’s not the funnest thing I can think of doing. In fact, it’s much closer to the bottom of the “fun things” list than it is to the top, but it is good exercise. It’s also free fuel for heating my house. I just really hate cutting wood in the middle of winter! It sucks being out there in the cold, wet, nasty weather.

Yeah, I know, I should have cut it before winter got here. I realize that. Yes, it was poor planning on my part.

In my own defense though, who knew we were going to get such a horrible winter? I mean this IS Oklahoma, after all. We’re not supposed to get weather like this. Fear not though, I have learned my lesson. I am already planning my wood cutting schedule for the upcoming spring, summer and fall seasons. Hopefully, next winter will not find me so unprepared.

I do have a confession to make. I actually like cutting wood sometimes. Not all the time…but sometimes. It makes me think of Ash from Army of Darknesswhen he straps on that chainsaw to the stump of his arm.  I love Bruce Campbell (Ash) and I think he’s so HOT with that chainsaw on one arm and a sawed off shotgun in his good arm, sawing and shooting his way through an army of deadites, making his way to the damsel in distress (which, of course, would be me) where he would throw down the shotgun and grab her and crush her to his big, strong, sweaty, sexy chest and say “Give me some sugar, Baby”.

LOL…ok, I think I’ve shared enough for one evening.



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