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Busy day

I was off today. That really doesn’t mean much around here. While I did get to take a nap, the rest of my day was spent doing errands or working around the house. I’m beat. Yeah, I know, why aren’t I in bed then? Because I felt the need to share…LOL.

I have a birthday tomorrow. I will be 43. I am SO middle-aged. I don’t feel like it. Oh, physically I feel older than that…LOL. But mentally, I don’t feel old at all. Yeah, I’m more forgetful and foggy brained, but to me, my thoughts don’t seem “old”. I wonder if I’ll still feel that way 10, 20, 30 years from now. I wonder if I’ll still be here then…hmmm. One never knows. I prefer it that way. I like surprises. No, death would not be a good surprise…LOL…but you gotta take the bad with the good. Life would not be any fun if you took all the surprises out of it.

I’m really tired of winter. I don’t like the cold. I despise all this dreary weather we’re having too. I want to see the sun. Yeah, come summer I’ll be wishing for clouds…LOL. There is no pleasing me.

I am determined to work on my story tomorrow. Come hell or high water (both of which are distinct possibilities) I’m sitting at the computer, opening the file and doing something with my story. Something physical. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve come to some conclusions about it as well. A bit of a different aproach. I’ve gotta try it. What I’ve been doing seems to be giving me some trouble.

My problem is this: I get stuck with all the descriptive stuff. I love writing the dialogue, the action…but I get bogged down with all the scene description. So…I’m thinking about just writing the basics of the “scenes” and getting all the story part done and then going back and adding in details. Yeah, that’s probably what every other author does…LOL…but much like a stubborn teenager that knows it all…I have to figure it out for myself…the hard way…LOL. 

I still have to get my outline typed up on the computer. I can hear you saying “YOU HAVEN’T GOT THAT DONE YET?” No. I haven’t. I told you I was having some problems with motivation. Believe me now? I’m working on it…honest.

Well, I’m really beat now. I gotta head to bed. Wish me luck on my writing tomorrow. Seriously. I need all the positive energy coming my way that I can get.



February 5, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Writing

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