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Nose Tampons?

This is the time of year when people get colds. Colds generally mean runny noses. Runny noses, suck.

As you might have guessed, I have a cold. My nose is runny. Well, my left nostril is runny. It’s not pleasant at all. In fact, it’s a pain in the ass.

As most of you know (if you know me at all), I am a cake decorator. I work in full view of the public…with my hands. It’s not seemly at all to wipe my runny nose and continue working. It’s pretty gross, actually. I am very aware of where my hands go and what they touch. I’m not OCD about it, but I like to keep my hands clean.

It can be a challenge when your working and have a cold…something I had to deal with today. I mentioned to Teresa (my co-worker) that I thought “nose tampons” would be a great idea. She said she thought it was a gross idea. I told her the strings might put a few people off, but it would sure keep you from having to go blow/wipe your nose and then wash your hands every few minutes.

She was not convinced…LOL.

Anyway, I think they would be a great idea. Tiny, little nose tampons that you insert into your nostril to keep them from dripping. Excellent idea, don’t you think?

There could be a few drawbacks though.

I’m not talking about the obvious one…making a public spectacle out of yourself. There are other concerns though. Such as….

### What if you leave it in too long?###

I’m sure you can see where this is going right away. I mean, you got a tampon up your nose…it’s absorbing liquid…getting bigger. There might come a point where you’re no longer able to pull it out. It could get wedged up in there and get too big to fit through the opening of your nostril. You know someone would do it. You’d probably do it yourself.

“Hmm, I wonder how long I can keep this thing in here before it gets too big to come out?”

You know you’d do it. Especially if you’re a guy. You’d even time it, measure it, weigh it. It would be a competition thing.

###What if the string comes loose?###

Wouldn’t happen. Women have been having that same worry for years and I’ve never had the problem. I don’t know anyone else that’s had that problem either. I’m pretty sure that’s something the manufacturers keep a close eye on.

###What if it got stuck up my nose too far?###

Yeah, that’s gonna happen too. You’re gonna have some dumbass who will stick it up his nose so far that it will cause some sort of damage. (No, it was not coincidence that I used “he”)

Despite the problems that might arise, I think nose tampons would be an excellent addition to the shelves of pharmacies everywhere. And while I may not wear them to work (then again, I just might), I could definitely see me sporting one (or two) around the house with the strings tucked behind my ears (so they don’t tickle my lips).

What say you?


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Just another post

Ok, I’m off today. Joseph doesn’t have Vo-Tech today so he’s home. Jared isn’t feeling well, so he’s home too. What happened to me having some peace and quiet on my day off?

Here I am, watching “The Love Guru” for the 856th time. At least it’s not Family Guy. I have forbidden Jared to watch it today. It’s not conducive to feeling better…LOL. Like “The Love Guru” is any better. Actually, Mike Myers is a pretty funny guy. I really don’t know why “The Love Guru” didn’t do better at the box office.

I am planning on having lunch with with a couple of former co-workers today. Kathy and Marnie and I used to work together at the same store, but now I work in Tulsa and they are at the new Owasso store. Anyway, I’m hoping we can get together for lunch today. I don’t get to see them much anymore, and while Marnie is my friend on Facebook, Kathy doesn’t get online so I don’t get to hear what’s going on with her.

The weather here has been pretty nice. I’m hoping it’s a prelude to spring. I’m so tired of the cold weather we’ve been having. This has been a terrible winter. We’ve had more snow than Canada, I’m sure!

Well, I hope today is a good day. I was wanting to have at least a little time to myself, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Wish me luck on getting thing accomplished today. I have a lot to do and days off always seem to fly by.

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I love learning new things!



Today I sharpened the chain on my chainsaw!

You know how it is when you don’t know how to do something and you think it’s going to be really hard and involved? Well, that’s what I thought about sharpening my chainsaw blade. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off and even considered just buying another chain but now I’m glad that I didn’t. I would have felt like a fool. I do that enough already.

So, today was my day off. I decided I was going to at least give it a try. Problem. I had no idea how to use the file and guide.


Let’s check out eHow and see if anyone has posted instructions on how to go about sharpening a chain.


Yes indeed, several people have submitted articles on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain. Not many of them were good articles though…LOL. Most of them were pretty vague and didn’t go into much detail. These are the people who would post an article on “how to cook a turkey” with 1. put turkey in oven. 2. bake until done. 3. eat. One person though (username greatnews) had a very informative article with pictures. I was set.

So, to make a long story short…LOL…no comments please…I sat down, put the chainsaw on the table and proceeded to sharpen it. It didn’t take much time at all and I was surprised at how easy and quick it went. That made me wonder…was I doing it right? Only one way to find out. I took the chainsaw outside and proceeded to cut some wood.

YES! It was like using a new chain. I was amazed and excited.

In a world where nothing comes easy or cheap and you have to struggle for every inch of progress you make, it’s very refreshing to find something that is quick, cheap and easy.

Hell, I don’t even fit all those categories…LOL. I haven’t been quick in a long time.

Anyway, it’s nice to feel like I’ve made some progress and learned something new. I am going to be SO ready for next winter.

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Saturdays Suck

Yeah, that’s right, I hate Saturdays. That’s the suckiest day of the week for me.

Why, you ask?

Well, unlike most people who have 8 to 5 jobs, monday thru friday, weekends off, I happen to be a cake decorator. That means I work weekends. Do you know why I have to work weekends? Because of all you “normal” people out there that think you have to have your parties on…you guessed it…the weekend. So, while we may get 6 to 15 orders a day during the week, we get 35 to 40, maybe more, on Saturdays.

Wait, that’s not all.

Due to the wonderful order-taking abilities of some of my co-workers, we always have issues with at least a few of the orders. Today was no different. Three people had to be called to clarify their orders. Taking a cake order is NOT rocket science. The order form is very simple. It tells you everything that is needed and all you have to do is fill in the blank or circle something. The only place where you have to do much writing at all is the “description” area. How do they want it decorated? I could write pages on all the un-decipherable gibberish I’ve had to try and translate. Then there’s the inscription area. Bad penmanship + weird ass names = pissed off decorator.


You know, that’s probably a good thing.

And another thing…

No, this has nothing to do with Saturdays. This has to do with rude ass drivers.

I drive 30 minutes to work. Today, on my half-hour drive home, after a shitty day, I’m switching highways, and as I make my way around the ramp and speed up to get onto the other highway, I almost get run over by a van who won’t make way for me as I’m trying to merge. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me too much but there were two factors that pissed me off. The first, there were no other cars around. This asshole could have easily moved over into the other lane. The second, I notice a cross sticker on their back window. A cross. This jerk was advertising his “christianity”. I don’t know about you, but if I was going to drive like an ass, I wouldn’t advertise that I was a “christian”. It’s not good publicity.

I should probably stop here…before I go on a rampage about hypocrisy. It could get real ugly and offensive. So, I’ll quit my rant now and just chalk it up to having a bad day.


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Another day, another dollar (or a fraction thereof)

Well, there hasn’t been much interesting happening around here so I can’t promise this will be an exciting post, but I felt like writing and it’s my blog, so there.

I don’t really have a lot of time to write this morning, but Joseph usually takes half an hour in the shower so I have a few minutes…LOL. Today is hopefully going to be a good day. My boss is off so I won’t have to worry about her getting in my business. I’m really glad that Debbie (my boss’s boss) has come and gone. Donna (my boss) gets so uptight when she knows that Debbie is coming. She had me waste time doing Valentine’s cakes that Debbie was coming to help with so that Debbie wouldn’t have much to do and therefore not stay long. All she did was waste my time. Debbie stayed all day anyway…LOL. I thought it was funny.

Debbie wasn’t bad at all yesterday. I usually don’t have any problems with  her anyway though. She likes me and respects me. Yesterday she even said she is embarrassed to decorate in front of me. I intimidate her. LOL. It was flattering. But what sort of response do you give to something like that?

Anyway, today should be a relaxing day. I’ll be alone in the decorating corner and as long as I don’t have a ton of orders, I should get lots of extra stuff done. That’s the plan, anyhow.

Well, it looks as if Joseph is done in the shower. I guess I should wrap this up. I”m off tomorrow, so maybe I’ll try to post something a little more entertaining.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

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Cutting Firewood Sucks!

Ok, cutting firewood really doesn’t suck completely. It’s not the funnest thing I can think of doing. In fact, it’s much closer to the bottom of the “fun things” list than it is to the top, but it is good exercise. It’s also free fuel for heating my house. I just really hate cutting wood in the middle of winter! It sucks being out there in the cold, wet, nasty weather.

Yeah, I know, I should have cut it before winter got here. I realize that. Yes, it was poor planning on my part.

In my own defense though, who knew we were going to get such a horrible winter? I mean this IS Oklahoma, after all. We’re not supposed to get weather like this. Fear not though, I have learned my lesson. I am already planning my wood cutting schedule for the upcoming spring, summer and fall seasons. Hopefully, next winter will not find me so unprepared.

I do have a confession to make. I actually like cutting wood sometimes. Not all the time…but sometimes. It makes me think of Ash from Army of Darknesswhen he straps on that chainsaw to the stump of his arm.  I love Bruce Campbell (Ash) and I think he’s so HOT with that chainsaw on one arm and a sawed off shotgun in his good arm, sawing and shooting his way through an army of deadites, making his way to the damsel in distress (which, of course, would be me) where he would throw down the shotgun and grab her and crush her to his big, strong, sweaty, sexy chest and say “Give me some sugar, Baby”.

LOL…ok, I think I’ve shared enough for one evening.


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A day full of possibilities

I have such wonderful plans for today! I am going to accomlish things today! I’ve already written 200 words on my book and I plan to write more later. Yeah, 200 words isn’t much, but compared to what I’ve been doing lately, it’s wonderful. I hope it spurs me on to getting back into my story again.

I’d also like to get some more wood cut today. Not sure if that’s going to happen though. We have rain in the forecast. It’s a little hard to cut wood in the rain. Not to mention, I could use a new chain for the chainsaw. Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have plenty to keep me busy in the house. This place is a mess. Every time I clean it, I tell myself I’m not going to let it get messy like this again. And what happens? It gets messy again…LOL. I just have too much stuff. I really need to get rid of some of it. Hopefully, today I’ll be able to do that. Maybe I’ll finish cleaning out Joseph’s closet and start working on mine.

Joseph has Robotics today. They are really working hard on the “building” stage of their project. He spent 7 hours up at the school yesterday working with his teammates. I don’t think they were working the whole time though, because someone brought lego’s up there and Joseph said he built something with them…LOL. He had a good time though and that’s what’s important. Don’t know how long he’s going to be up there today. I’m definitely going to enjoy my time alone though. I don’t get much of it anymore now that Joseph has decided not to go back to his Dad’s.

I’m going to spend my “alone” time writing. I want to see some results, feel like I’m getting somewhere, with my story. Wish me luck.

I know, I’m not going to get anywhere at all sitting here on my ass all day…LOL. And on that note….


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Happy Birthday to ME!

Om nom nom


Cool pic huh? I’ve been waiting forever to use it…LOL. What better time than now?

Actually, my birthday wasn’t the first thing that came to mind this morning. To tell the truth I’d already forgotten about it until I got online and saw an email from Timothy. Since he hardly ever sends me email anymore, it suddenly clicked that it was my birthday. It was nice that he remembered.

Ok, back to the pic. Aren’t Zombies the coolest? For some reason, I seem to be fascinated with them lately. I don’t know why. I never found them all that interesting before. Maybe it’s all the new Zombie movies that have come out. I like the humorous Zombie movies the best. I’m so taken with Zombies right now that I want to write a Zombie story. I have no idea what the plot would be or how my Zombies would act, but I want to write something. I’ll have to think on it.

Well, time to go. I have to say, I’m feeling a little like Jim Gaffigan when he said, “I can’t believe I have to work on my BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe I’m doing laundry on my BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe I’m paying for sex on my BIRTHDAY!”

LOL…well, I guess I won’t have to worry about that last part.

Ciao for now!

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Busy day

I was off today. That really doesn’t mean much around here. While I did get to take a nap, the rest of my day was spent doing errands or working around the house. I’m beat. Yeah, I know, why aren’t I in bed then? Because I felt the need to share…LOL.

I have a birthday tomorrow. I will be 43. I am SO middle-aged. I don’t feel like it. Oh, physically I feel older than that…LOL. But mentally, I don’t feel old at all. Yeah, I’m more forgetful and foggy brained, but to me, my thoughts don’t seem “old”. I wonder if I’ll still feel that way 10, 20, 30 years from now. I wonder if I’ll still be here then…hmmm. One never knows. I prefer it that way. I like surprises. No, death would not be a good surprise…LOL…but you gotta take the bad with the good. Life would not be any fun if you took all the surprises out of it.

I’m really tired of winter. I don’t like the cold. I despise all this dreary weather we’re having too. I want to see the sun. Yeah, come summer I’ll be wishing for clouds…LOL. There is no pleasing me.

I am determined to work on my story tomorrow. Come hell or high water (both of which are distinct possibilities) I’m sitting at the computer, opening the file and doing something with my story. Something physical. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve come to some conclusions about it as well. A bit of a different aproach. I’ve gotta try it. What I’ve been doing seems to be giving me some trouble.

My problem is this: I get stuck with all the descriptive stuff. I love writing the dialogue, the action…but I get bogged down with all the scene description. So…I’m thinking about just writing the basics of the “scenes” and getting all the story part done and then going back and adding in details. Yeah, that’s probably what every other author does…LOL…but much like a stubborn teenager that knows it all…I have to figure it out for myself…the hard way…LOL. 

I still have to get my outline typed up on the computer. I can hear you saying “YOU HAVEN’T GOT THAT DONE YET?” No. I haven’t. I told you I was having some problems with motivation. Believe me now? I’m working on it…honest.

Well, I’m really beat now. I gotta head to bed. Wish me luck on my writing tomorrow. Seriously. I need all the positive energy coming my way that I can get.


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Life is full of surprises

Hmm…go figure. I just checked the stats of my blog and found that I had 19 hits on it today. Shocked the hell out of me…LOL. I wonder who’s been poking around in here? They left no comments so I’m at a loss.

Nothing much exciting has been happening around here. Same old, same old. Well, I guess there is one thing. I have a new pen pal. I joined a pen pal site a while back. I’ve talked to a few people but no real friendships developed. I joined for the purpose of talking to someone from the UK. With all the Doctor Who I’ve been watchin, it makes me want to see what life is like over the pond.

Anyway, Martin messaged me a few days ago. He seems like a nice guy. He’s pretty cute too. He’s smiling in his picture and it’s like his whole face lights up. It’s a good picture. It makes him seem like a happy person. That’s the not the best thing though. Get this…he’s a nuclear scientist! Awesome, huh? He’s probably brilliant. You know he’s gotta be smart…he’s talking to me…LOL. Yeah, I know….corny.

I haven’t really got to know Martin yet. I looked at his website and got a little more insight into him, but I’m sure there’s lots more to know. I hope this one sticks around a while. Who knows though? Like I said, we hardly know each other yet. We may not hit it off at all. It’s kind of exciting to wonder about though.

I’m off tomorrow. I am so ready for it. I’ve got a lot to do. I’m determined to get it done too. Tomorrow, this ostrich is going to pull it’s head out of…the sand (I know what you were thinking) and accomplish something. I should probably get to bed and get some rest so I’ll be alert enough to do that.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to waste time sleeping. Then the inevitable happens and I have to go to bed which inevitably leads to me wishing I didn’t have to get up…LOL. Attachments lead to desire. Desire leads to suffering. Sigh.


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