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I do believe I’m snowed in

No, that’s not my car. I’m wondering if my car is going to look like that in the morning though. Snow, snow and more snow. It sucks. This is Oklahoma….we’re not supposed to have winters like this.

Ok, I’m done complaining. Maybe.

I did actually get out and about earlier today. It’s a good thing I got when I did because it’s not looking like I’ll be getting out again any time soon. It was actually kinda fun. There weren’t many people out so traffic was light. Jared went with me but Joseph wanted to stay home. It was a nice outing…except that Jared wanted to talk CONSTANTLY. We went to Walmart and he used his Christmas money to buy another wrestling belt. He must have about 20 now…LOL. This one is special though…it’s leather and it spins. I’ve been hearing about how wonderful it is all evening…LOL. I’m glad he had a good day.

Joseph has just come back in from taking a walk. I didn’t even know he’d gone out (some Mother I am). He walked up to the main road and back. That’s 2/3 of a mile in all…in the dark…in the snow. Strange child.

Well, time to get off my butt and get something done around here. I hope everyone else who is enduring this winter storm is making it ok. I hate to think about those who are without power or company. Makes me thankful for my rowdy boys and heat and electricity and water.



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