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What a surprise!

I just checked the stats on my blog and for some reason, I had 9 hits on it yesterday. That really took me by surprise. One post got 6 hits. I find it hard to believe that 9 people checked out my blog yesterday. What I think it more likely is that someone was having computer problems and kept getting kicked off and had to keep coming back to finish reading. I don’t know how those stats work or if that scenario is even possible…but it sounds more logical to me than 9 people coming to check this out in one day…LOL. Oh well, it’s cool. I like surprises like that.

Today was a rather uneventful day. I don’t mind. You can’t excitement every day (not that it’s a worry for me) or it will lose it’s thrill. There is the promise of excitement in the near future though…and not the good kind. We’re expecting a big winter storm tomorrow. I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the Oklahoma ice storm a couple years back, but take it from me, it wasn’t a pleasant thing. I was without electricity for 9 days. I couldn’t even get out to the main road for 4 days. I was stuck down in here, in the middle of a forest with no way out. I remember when it was all going down, walking out on the front porch, pitch black all around, and hearing the constant cracking and crashing of trees, near and far. Nothing but that sound, standing there hoping that the next one wasn’t going to be on my house. I did actually have a couple of them fall on the house, one blocking the way down the front steps and one that fell on the electric line, causing it to pull away from the side of the house and fall on the ground.

It’s not a pleasant memory.

They are expecting more of that around here tomorrow. It was just Timothy and me here the last time. This time he’s gone and it will be me and the kids.

::::the above was written yesterday and due to computer problems did not get posted. Below is today:::::

Well, bad weather has set in. It’s not pleasant. I don’t really know just how bad it is (I haven’t been outside in a while) but when I left work today at 2:00, I had ice on my windshield. The roads hadn’t got icy yet, but they probably are by now. I”m glad I’m in my nice warm house. I really hope the electricity holds out. It’ll get really boring, really fast if that happens….LOL.

No school tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow. That means I get to sleep in! I love it. I’m not going to make plans to do anything tomorrow and just take it as it comes. I’ll do whatever I feel like doing.

Well, I guess I’m not as talkative this evening as I was last night. I’m tired and thinking about getting a movie and taking the computer to the bedroom and watching something other than Jared playing a wrestling game. I may just head to bed early. Who knows?



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