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…and the lightbulb went on over my head.

Today I worked on the outline for book 2. I was on break, sitting in the deli area and all of a sudden I just “saw” what was going to have to happen. It was amazing. It was exciting. It was too bad I only had 15 minutes. I’m glad that I took my notebook though. I’m glad that I opened it up and started writing. I had no idea what I was going to write, but my muse must have been sitting there in my head, waiting for me to open the door and let her out. It totally surprised me.

Of course, I knew how the book was going to start…where book 1 left off. That was a no-brainer. I also had a pretty good idea where it was going to end…where someone, who shall remain nameless…dies. It was the middle part that was a little up in the air. So, I started writing down plot points that I knew were going to happen. All of a sudden, it was like the fog lifted and I could see for miles…or pages…as it were. It was clear as glass. Let me tell you, it was a thrilling moment.

Anyway, I guess the point I’m trying to get across is…you never know when or where inspiration will hit you. Chance favors the prepared mind. I take my notebook with me everywhere. Sometimes I write in it…sometimes I don’t. I don’t worry about it. Yeah, I’d like to get this story finished soon and get an agent and get published…tonight! But that’s not going to happen. This is my first real writing project and I’m still learning. It’s been a great learning experience too. I know a lot of people fuss and worry about their writing. They have a lot of fear and anxiety about it. I don’t really have a lot of that. Yeah, I have my moments where I wonder if what I write will get published. That’s mostly a lack of confidence in my technical writing skills though. I don’t really worry about it too much. No sense in worrying about it right now…I’m nowhere near sending anything to an agent.

I guess I’m a somewhat strange sort of writer, since I don’t worry much about my writing. Most writers I know worry about not finishing something or worry that it’s not good enough or worry when they can’t come up with story ideas. I don’t really obsess much about those things. I know that I will finish my book(s) eventually. I believe that my story is great and if I have trouble with the technical points of good story-writing, then I’ll get someone to help me or teach me. Yes, I sometimes have a lack of ideas when it comes to my story, but I don’t worry about that either. I think about it and if I can’t concentrate or come up with anything good, I just give it a rest and let my subconcious have it. My subconcious is my best writing helper ever. It always comes through for me. I just throw some ideas into the melting pot of my mind and ask a few questions and let it stew for a while. My subconcious stirs it all up into a tasty idea and lets me know when it’s ready. We’re a great team.

Well, time to head to bed, since I can hardly hold my eyes open. It’s been a long, busy day. The kids came back this evening and it’s been a riot. Sometimes a laugh riot and sometimes just a riot. I’m glad they’re back though. I miss them when they aren’t here. Maybe I’m just in a really good mood this evening, but I have even enjoyed the fighting…LOL. Yeah, I’m warped.


December 9, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Writing

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  1. Too true. You never know when inspiration will hit you so it is always good to have some means of writing something down or making sure you can remember it. Good luck with your outline.

    Comment by Cassandra Jade | December 13, 2009 | Reply

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