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The Universe is a Koosh ball


What if?
I read a lot. I like thrillers, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy and books about religion, science and philosopy. The latter 3 have been of the most interest to me recently. I’ve enjoyed books on Buddhism and eastern mysticism very much as well as a few books that combine the 3 ideals, as strange as that sounds.

I’m trying to understand the Universe I am a part of. Yeah, I know that’s like a bacteria in my bowels trying to understand world politics, but I have to try. It gives purpose to my existance. When you think you have it all figured out, you stop learning. I hope to be a seeker of truth as long as I live.

One of the most influential books I’ve read is “The Seven Mysteries of Life” by Guy Murchie. It’s an older book, but full of wonderful information about the microverse all the way to the macroverse and how everything is connected. It’s a philosophical way of looking at science. That’s not the only book I’ve found that does that though. “The Tao of Physics”  takes a look at how science and eastern mysticism have a lot in common. Both are enlightening reads.

So what are my thoughts on the Universe?

Well, it’s like trying to figure out an equation with too many unkown variables. I don’t know anything for sure. I do have my theories though. The one I like best is…

What if the Universe is a giant Koosh ball?

Wait, hear me out, I can explain…LOL.

First, I don’t believe in an actual diety. I could be totally wrong on this point, but if there was, why is he so secretive? If he’s so powerful, why not show us? It doesn’t seem logical to me. But, when has religion ever been logical? I do believe there is a “conciousness” of some sort at work though. I believe that it is a combination of every piece of the Universe, all wrapped up in one big “koosh ball” of conciousness and we are merely physical offshoots that return to the collective when we’ve experienced all we need to to fulfill our purpose. I believe our sub-concious is our connection to that collective and gives us inspiration and knowledge if we ask and listen.

Sounds crazy huh?

Well, that seems like the most logical explanation to me…at the moment. I’m not dead yet though and I haven’t closed the possibilities to other ideas. I’m still seeking. But for now, this works for me…very well.


November 20, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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