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I think, therefore I change

Today, at work, I was thinking about a blog post I read of The Wise Sloth about why the the world won’t change. It was very true and more than a little dismal.


It’s because of us. We can’t, or won’t even try to change. My eyes opened for a moment today and I saw all my coworkers, flawed and imperfect, and how this one lies about others to ingratiate himself to the boss and how the boss does petty things to the ones who are being lied about and how the ones suffering the boss’s contempt get upset and tell the whole workplace about the injustice.


On and on it goes, back and forth. Like bullets ricocheting, never losing their momentum, going from person to person. We hurt people, lie, cheat, steal. We don’t think about helping others, we only think about ourselves. It really made me sad when I realized how we, as humans, are. I felt it in my chest, a terrible hopelessness. Here we are, a world full of selfish, greedy, thoughtless, thankless people who have a plethora of religions that don’t seem to help one bit to fix any of those problems. In fact, religion seems to exacerbate the problems since more people have died from differences in religion than anything else I can think of. It breeds conflict. It gives license to hate, kill, and be prejudiced.


Enough about that though. I can do nothing to change other people, only myself, which I try to do continuously. Today I feel like I’ve had a breakthrough. They say the first step in solving a problem is realizing there is a problem. So…


Hello. My name is Lois…..and I’m human.


I shall do my best to rise above all my greed and hate and prejudice though and maybe there will be a few less bullets to ricochet out into the world.


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