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I feel like….

Why do we say "I feel like crap" like it's a bad thing? Warm and soft and squishy is a bad thing?

 Ok, so I feel like crap smells….bad. It’s been a rough day. Work took it’s toll on me. Life took it’s toll on me today.


One good thing today…my kids came back. They’ve been awesome this evening. I love them lots. They have both been very affectionate…even Joseph. Although his affection consisted of flopping on me and licking me. I got in a lick myself though…LOL…much to his dismay.

No writing again today. Where has my muse gone? It must be sleeping. Wish I was. I slept terrible last night. I remember dreaming strange dreams too, but can’t recall any details. Probably just as well. I’d be wondering “what does it mean?”.


Well, sounds like Jared is home from basketball practice. Looks like my “me” time is up for the evening.


I shall petition the great and powerful Koosh for a better day tomorrow.



November 17, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Work, Writing

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